Eat Local, Authentic Mexican Food in Lansing, MI

Mexico to Go uses fresh ingredients for every dish

When your stomach is growling for Mexican food, don’t go to a restaurant that uses canned or overly processed ingredients. Stop by Mexico to Go in Lansing, MI for authentic Mexican food. We use fresh ingredients when preparing our dishes.

Mexico to Go only uses local ingredients, buying everything we need from a nearby Lansing grocery store. Plus, every bite of food you enjoy at Mexico to Go has been lovingly made from scratch. We actually make our flour tortillas from scratch every day, so they will always be as fresh as possible.

Get a taste of Mexico today. When you’re craving Mexican food, try Mexico to Go. Call us at 517-886-1133 to place a pick-up order. We are just a short drive away from East Lansing, MI!

Why eat local and fresh food?

Why eat local and fresh food?

Why does Mexico to Go use only fresh and local ingredients? Why not use canned food? Because the ingredients make all of the difference in a dish. We hold our food to a higher standard because:

  • It's healthier to eat fresh ingredients without preservatives.
  • Using local ingredients helps support local agriculture.
  • Fresh, made-from-scratch food always tastes better

Visit Mexico to Go in Lansing, MI for your next meal and taste the difference for yourself.